Atlantic Baseball Confederation Collegiate League

Additional detail in ABCCL League Guidelines


Eight (Maximum)


Player Assignment is conducted by team general managers. Player assignment requests by college coaches that are submitted to the League are distributed to all teams for consideration.

A Player Assignment Draft to complete rosters will be held on or about January 1.


Regular Season Games: 35-37
Game Days: Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday
Schedule Dates*: To Be Announced (End May thru July)
All Star Showcase: To Be Announced
Playoffs[1]: To Be Announced
Championship Game: To Be Announced
The winner of the playoffs will be the League champion and will hold the league Champion title for one year.
Annual Charity Game: To Be Announced

Teams will play a minimum of 37 games to a maximum of 45 games.


Special player and other awards will be discussed and voted upon by member teams at the first meeting following the conclusion of the season.

Team Responsibilities Overview:

Additional detail in ABCCL League Guidelines

1. No Conflict Policy: Teams may not participate in any other leagues.

2. Financial: All League payments must be received by specified dates.

3. Umpires:

  • Each team will pay the game day umpires on the field prior to the game(s).
  • Each home team must notify the umpire assignor at least 3 hours prior to a game cancellation.
  • Each home team must arrange, through the assignor, for umpires to attend any rescheduled games.

4. Uniforms: Each team will be fully uniformed in identical hats, pants, jerseys and socks.

Coaches must be fully uniformed. ABCCL League patch to appear on right sleeve of all uniforms.

Uniform colors are to be registered with League Office and any changes must be approved prior to implementation.

5. Reporting:
Home team must report (email) scores of each game within 24 hours of the games’ conclusion.

Email game stats to League statistician as directed.

6. Equipment:

  • Each team will provide its own balls, helmets and other equipment.
  • Baseballs will be Diamond D-1 AAA imprinted with League (ABCCL) logo.
  • Bats will be wood (conventional wood, or composite wood Baum Bats). No metal bats will be permitted.
  • Home teams are responsible for providing bases on its fields and for having its field lined and in good repair for each game.

7. Home Fields: Each team must have a home field available for use on every scheduled home date. (Fields must be approved by League Executive Committee) The League will assist in identifying fields and obtaining use permits but will not provide fields or make field arrangements.

8. Administrative:

  • All teams will appoint two (2) authorized representatives typically a General Manager, Manager and/or Coach.
  • Names and telephone numbers (day/night/cell) for these representatives must be provided to the League for distribution to all League members.
  • Team rosters for the Media Guide due at League Office no later than May 1st.
  • It will be the responsibility of each home team’s representative(s) to contact the opposing team representative(s) and umpires in the event of any forced cancellations, by weather, field conditions, or other circumstances. Notification must be three hours prior to scheduled game time. Failure to notify the opposing team may result in game forfeiture.
  • All teams must provide complete rosters, waivers and other documentation on/by the dates established.
  • Each team must provide all payments, documentation and administrative reports according to the League-approved schedule.


A maximum of 27 players allowed for the season; if the number on the roster at the start of the season is less than 27, only four players, up to the 27 player maximum, may be added in the period through June 20th, the roster cut‑off date. Additions to the roster may only be made by application to and approval by the League Office. Initial rosters must be filed (via email) with the League no later than May 1st for printing in the Media Guide. Complete, final rosters must be submitted to the League by the roster cut off date.

After the final (June 20) roster has been submitted, changes may be made only with the concurrence of the League office. Roster changes may be submitted because of illness, injury or voluntary withdrawal of a rostered player; or by the dismissal of a player who is insubordinate, who fails to attend practices or games, or who is indefinitely suspended by the League. The Executive Committee may challenge member team rosters and may call the players in question. Complete and up‑to‑date roster data (inserts) must be available on demand by the League office and to all Scouts at each game. (Also see Playoffs: Eligibility)

A League insurance waiver and release, emergency contact, and player contract form (available at the League website under Forms & Documents) must be completed for every rostered player and filed (copies) with the League Office prior to the start of the season. No player (or coach) may participate in any League activities, practices or games who has not completed the League waiver form and filed same with the League office.

No team shall have more than four players from the same institution: Division I, II, III, or NAIA.

Players must have completed the spring college semester immediately preceding the ABCCL season.

Junior college players who have signed to play at a four year institution for the following season shall count as members of that institution (consistent with NCAA rules).


ABCCL eligibility will include current college players (confirmed by a published roster listing or written notice from the college that the player has a roster position for the season). May graduates from that institution are not eligible (unless they have NCAA eligibility remaining, enroll in a graduate program, and receive and provide the League with proof of a confirmed roster position).


NCAA rules will be in force with the following modifications. These modifications are designed to support the League’s mission and enhance our ability to provide maximum exposure, instruction and developmental opportunity:

1- A designated hitter (DH) will be allowed (not mandatory) for any position player.

2- An extra hitter (EH) will be allowed (not mandatory). This “10th player” shall be entered in the starting line up in any batting position (1 through 10) unless a team has only 9 position players available. If a player arrives after the game has started and a team is batting 9 players, the arriving player shall be entered in the 10th position of the line-up. A player is deemed a position player if they are listed as playing a position other than pitcher on their team roster or college roster. A substitute for the EH may be entered but must bat in the same position in the order as the player he is replacing.

3- Free defensive substitution will be allowed at any time. If a defensive substitute assumes a place in the batting order, the player who is batted for cannot return to the line up. He may however, return to a defensive position.

Coach Mike Sheppard


Monique Koehler, President
James P. Koehler, Executive Vice President
Jay Blackwell, Executive VP Operations
Tom Porricelli, Senior VP, Charity Game
Kevin Fountain, Senior VP, Media & Marketing
Angelo Casale, VP Public Relations


Mike Sheppard
Monique Koehler
Tim Costello
Tom Poricelli
Steve Mayer
Roy Fazio
Mark Harris
Larry Ennis
Ed Graziano
Dean Mancini
Steve Langan
Dave Asta
Bill Reddick


Chairman — Don Kohler, Major League Baseball

Coach Tom O’Connell Ret., Princeton U., Gill Bassetti, Baltimore Orioles, Mike Garlatti, Colorado Rockies, Bobby Malkmus, Cleveland Indians, Joe Nigro, New York Mets, John Hagemann, Philadelphia Phillies, Ed Fastia, Milwaukee Brewers, Steve Markovich, New York Yankees, Kenny Silber, Chicago Cubs, Billy Blitzer, Chicago Cubs, Scott Hunter, New York Mets, John Wilson, Minnesota Twins, Chuck Schnabel, Philadelphia Phillies, Ed Edwards, Houston Astros, Gary Maertz, Chicago Cubs, Bob Buob, San Diego Padres, John Kosciak, Los Angeles Dodgers, Joe Rigoli, St. Louis Cardinals, Frank M. Bodner, Seattle Mariners, Lee Seras, Cincinnati Reds, John DiCarlo, San Francisco Giants, Peter Leahy, Detroit Tigers, John B. Barr, Los Angeles Dodgers, Ray Fagnant, Boston Red Sox, Wilmer Reid, Washington Nationals, John Ryan/Mark Wettengel, ABCCL Manchester Yankees, Jay Blackwell, ABCCL Clippers-Rutgers University, Marc Sauer, Oakland Athletics, Matt Hyde, New York Yankees

[1] Teams must meet League criteria to be eligible