Create Your Shootout Player Profile

Dear 2014 ABC SHOOTOUT Player and Family,

Welcome to the ABC Player Profile© development site, which has been created specifically for our student-athletes.  Kindly note and follow the instructions below.

NOTE:  ABSOLUTELY NO FORMS WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR THE 2014 SHOOTOUT AFTER 8/18/14.Please follow all directions on the form carefully and for best results read this instruction sheet completely.  If you do not, information may be lost or appear incorrectly.  We will do our best to make sure your profiles look great but we need your complete cooperation.  

Note the directions for each field.  Please be aware that the information you provide here will be displayed in booklet form AS IS. Punctuation, spelling will appear just as you type it, so please proofread!  Do NOT put in multiple returns/space, you’ll have less room for words.  Do NOT copy and paste from other programs such as Word.  If you do not have the information needed, leave the default answer in place, i.e. N/A.  This information in Profile format will be circulated to well over 1000 college recruiters as well as representatives of MLB, so you’ll want to put your best foot forward.

Click here to see what a good profile should look like and how it will appear to the recruiters.

Once you hit the ‘submit’ button, you will no longer be able to edit the form. If you want to finish the form later, you can click the link “Save Answers and Resume Later” at the bottom of the first page and follow the directions. You will have seven days to complete the form or you must start all over again!

We may find that we have to crop pictures to make them fit better. Occasionally we have had some photos that simply do not fit/work correctly and we may need to ask you to submit another picture. We will assist you with this.  The best pictures are action or portrait style baseball shots.  (Don’t send prom photos or “mug shots” taken from your laptop’s mini cam).  Remember, the background shows up too, so be aware of what is there (flowery wallpaper doesn’t look all that great).  If we do not receive your uploaded picture you will be notified.

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you take the time to include High School awards and achievements and list family athletic data (i.e.: fathers, uncles, brothers that played either college and/or professional baseball).

Additionally, if you do not already have, CALL OR EMAIL your coaches and ask for a quote that can be used in the final section (Coaches /Scout’s Report).  You will have space for 3 coach, scout or evaluation service comments.  Each quote should ideally be 2-3 sentences containing the most pertinent information. 

In the “Other Professional References” section, list the name and phone number for any instructors, coaches or scouts, etc. that have seen you play.  Space is limited so keep it brief.

If you have trouble, please click here for help.  SolvIT, ABC’s IT expert, is only available during regular business hours 9:00 to 5:00 EST.  All you night owls out there who have questions at midnight will need to wait until the morning! 


Thank you and Congratulations!!!

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