The ABCCL is a competitive collegiate summer league whose goal is to improve the players by maximizing playing opportunity. As a result, they will improve their performance upon returning to school and increase their awareness among the professional scouting community.

The results shown speak for themselves. Click on the following links to see what a sampling of ABCCL alumni have accomplished.

Understand that this is only a partial list of our players who have signed contracts or received post-season awards. It was prepared by asking our General Managers for information on their current and former players. Each award was verified through a documented press release or official Web site posted by the sponsoring organization. Access to earlier information is limited by the volunteer aspect of our organization. However, our estimate is that we have missed about one-half of the players receiving awards for the years prior to 2004 and since 2006. Anyone with further player information that can be added to this list should email Thank you.

Professional Contracts
All American Awards
Player of the Year Awards
All State and All Region Awards
All Conference Awards
NCAA Statistics Leaders
School Career Records