At a time when news of the baseball diamond has all too often come to mean pampered athletes, outlandish salaries, retractable roofs, artificial turf, and games that never see the light of day, I am thrilled to bring to New Jersey “Baseball as it was meant to be”

The Atlantic Baseball Confederation Collegiate League (ABCCL) features real grass, wood bats, games under the beautiful sun and most important, many of the finest college baseball players in the nation competing for the love of the game.

Along with the players, coaches, and college programs whose efforts have been instrumental in launching our much-needed league, we are deeply indebted to the merchants, community leaders, families and friends of amateur baseball whose support is vital to our success.

You have created a true field of dreams for the over 200 athletes whose names appear on the website’s Roster pages.  Again, thank you all.

For the love of the game,

Monique S. Koehler

Governing Board Chairman

ABC Collegiate League