WE WANT to Hear from YOU!

Feb 20 2017 ABCCL League News | Comments Off on WE WANT to Hear from YOU!

A recent edition of USA Today featured a series of possible rule changes designed to speed up the pace of MLB games.  The suggestions ranged from the realistic (installation of a pitch clock) to the ridiculous (eliminating warm-up pitches for incoming relievers) and everything in between:

  • Limiting visits to the mound
  • Intentional walks with no pitches thrown
  • Raising the lower part of the strike zone.

What do you think?  Do games need to be made faster?  Are any of the suggested changes worthwhile?  Maybe you’ve got some better ideas, so send us a note and tell us what they are. We’ll put a bunch of them up right here for you all to see and even pass them along to MLB.

Chances are they’ll be a lot better than the ones “the experts” have proposed.  Thanks!